Planting of trees, shrubs, or flowers by any person other than the Superintendent is prohibited. No structure of any type may be erected or placed in the cemetery by family members. Items not specifically permitted by regulation will not be left on graves, niches or elsewhere in the Cemetery. The staff will remove prohibited structures or objects. Fresh cut natural flowers may be placed on a grave or at the niche at any time. Artificial arrangements are only allowed on the graves during winter months. However, they are not allowed on the nicke walls because they stain the nicke covers. Burial floral arrangements may be displayed on the day of interment for one week. Wreaths and baskets made of both natural and artificial greens will be allowed from November 1 to March 31. Niche Walls: The area at the base of the nicke wall is designed to be used by visitors that wish to leave flowers in accordance with this flower policy. Families may also purchase stainless steel flower vases to have installed on the nicke cover through the Maine Veterans’ Cemetery Association. These vases can be removed and secured by the family when not in use; they are not guaranteed againt loss or damage. They are designed to hold a small arrangement or spray; the spray must not interfere or obstruct the engraving on other niche covers. They are only for natural flowers; anything else (small flags or artificial flowers) can stain the cover and is not allowed. Living Potted Plants may be displayed on a grave or at the niche wall for a period of two weeks, one week prior to, and the week of Memorial Day. All living plants and arrangements must be removed by the last Sunday of that two-week period. Maine Veterans Memorial Cemetery system is not responsible for lost or damaged plants and / or arrangements.  Inexpensive floral containers should be used when leaving flowers at the cemetery. All containers will be removed by Cemetery personnel at the expiration of permissible periods or when the flowers fade or wither. The staff will recycle plastic and metal vases and store them in containers placed around the cemetery for use by visitors. The Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery Association has in-ground vases available for sale. The vases are permanently set in the ground. If you wish to obtain an in-ground vase you should send a letter stating you wish to purchasse and in-ground vase (or go to for (the person’s name and location if you have it) to: The Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery Association, PO Box 942, Augusta ME 04332. The Maine Veterans’ Cemetery System does not collect or take orders for in-ground vases, nor do they maintain them once they are installed.
If you want the vase shipped to you please add $12.00 shipping. We do not except credit cards.
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The next time that the inground and niche vases will be placed, is the 4th week of April 2015. Be sure to get your vase order in by the end of 3rd week.
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