The Veterans Memorial Cemetery Association would like to invite you to participate in the “Memorial Walkway at the Mt Vernon Road Cemetery or the Civic Center Drive Cemetery”. “YOU CAN REMEMBER A LOVED ONE” From your Post, Unit, Auxiliary, District, Department and Family Members. Finally you have a place within the Veterans Memorial Cemetery Where you can show your pride of a Veteran or Veterans Who have been called from us to Post everlasting.
Large Monuments Donation: $2200.00 (For 60 Characters) space for engraced Logo and Inscription Inscribing the date of death is an addictional cost at time of inscribing. Overall Size 30” Wide X 12” Thick X 42” High Top Piece 24” Wide X 6” Thick X 36” High Base 30” Long X 12” Wide X 6” Thick
Small Monuments Donation: $1150.00 For the following inscription (for 40 Characters) IN MEMORY OF (NAME OF LOVED ONE) Overall Size 24” Wide X 10” Thick X 16” High
Mail order form to: Veterans Memorial Cemetery Association PO Box 942 Augusta ME 04332 Tel: 207-437-2640 E-mail Michael Clark
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